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  DM Fanbook 2011
03.12.2010, 00:35 
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[ru]All @ Bong,

As you all know there is going to be the 30th anniversary of Depeche Mode's
first album Speak&Spell in 2011. In order to celebrate this event we plan on
releasing a new Depeche Mode book. Since there is plenty of biographies
around we currently negotiate new concepts.

There is some rough drafts about the book but we would like to ask you, the
fans, what you would expect of a new book and what you want to have in
there. What did you like about books that were released previously and what
leaves room for improvement.

We look forward to receiving your comments and ideas.

Please note: the band is not going to be involved - also: this is going to
be a German release initially but there is potential that it will be
released in English at a later date.

Please share your thoughts. Thank You very much in advance.

the DMFanbook2011 team[/ru]

PS: Ремастеры выпустили, теперь за книги взялись. Хоть и чисто немецкий релиз, но на английском все равно выйдет позднее. Русско язычное население опять пользуется Гуглом. :smile:


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