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Singles Box 5 (CD 25-30)

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 Singles Box 5 (CD 25-30)
25 Nov 2010, 00:48 
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Country: Russia (ru)
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Название и каталог: DEPECHE MODE SINGLES 25-30 (DMBX5)

Дата выпуска: 29 марта 2004 года

Продюссеры: Daniel Miller и Depeche Mode

Дизайн бокса и фотографии: Martin Atkins, Mark Higebottam и David A. Jones

Год выпуска и страна: 2004 (EU, USA)

CD25 Policy Of Truth (CDBONG 19X)
01. Policy Of Truth (7" Version)
02. Kaleid (7" Version)
03. Policy Of Truth (Beat Box)
04. Policy Of Truth (Capitol Mix)
05. Kaleid (When Worlds Mix)
06. Policy Of Truth (Trancentral Mix)
07. Kaleid (Remix)
08. Policy Of Truth (Pavlov's Dub)

CD26 World In My Eyes (CDBONG 20X)
01. World In My Eyes (7" Version)
02. Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)
03. Sea Of Sin (Tonal Mix)
04. World In My Eyes (Oil Tank Mix)
05. Happiest Girl (Kiss-A-Mix)
06. Sea Of Sin (Sensoria)
07. World In My Eyes (Dub In My Eyes)
08. World In My Eyes (Mode To Joy)
09. Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Mix)
10. World In My Eyes (Mayhem Mode)
11. Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix)

CD27 I Feel You (CDBONG 21X)
01. I Feel You (Seven Inch Mix)
02. One Caress
03. I Feel You (Throb Mix)
04. I Feel You (Babylon Mix)
05. I Feel You (Life's Too Short Mix)
06. I Feel You (Swamp Mix)
07. I Feel You (Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix)
08. I Feel You (Helmet At The Helm Mix)

CD28 Walking In My Shoes (CDBONG 22X)
01. Walking In My Shoes (Seven Inch Mix)
02. My Joy (Seven Inch Mix)
03. Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix)
04. My Joy (Slow Slide Mix)
05. Walking In My Shoes (Extended Twelve Inch Mix)
06. Walking In My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix)
07. Walking In My Shoes (Anandamidic Mix)
08. Walking In My Shoes (Ambient Whale Mix)

CD29 Condemnation (CDBONG 23X)
01. Condemnation (Paris Mix)
02. Death's Door (Jazz Mix)
03. Rush (Spiritual Guidance Mix)
04. Rush (Amylnitrate Mix - Instrumental)
05. Rush (Wild Planet Mix - Vocal)
06. Condemnation (Live)
07. Personal Jesus (Live)
08. Enjoy The Silence (Live)
09. Halo (Live)

CD30 In Your Room (CDBONG 24X)
01. In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)
02. Higher Love (Adrenaline Mix - Edit)
03. In Your Room (Apex Mix)
04. In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix)
05. Higher Love (Adrenaline Mix)
06. In Your Room (Extended Zephyr Mix)
07. In Your Room (Live)
08. Policy Of Truth (Live)
09. World In My Eyes (Live)
10. Fly On The Windscreen (Live)
11. Never Let Me Down Again (Live)
12. Death's Door (Live)


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