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Singles Box 4 (CD 19-24)

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 Singles Box 4 (CD 19-24)
25.11.2010, 00:47 
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Country: Russia (ru)
Depeche Mode ★

Название и каталог: DEPECHE MODE SINGLES 19-24 (DMBX4)

Дата выпуска: 29 марта 2004 года

Продюссеры: Daniel Miller и Depeche Mode

Дизайн бокса и фотографии: Martin Atkins, Mark Higebottam и David A. Jones

Год выпуска и страна: 2004 (EU, USA)

CD19 Strangelove (CDBONG 13X)
01. Strangelove
02. Pimpf
03. Strangelove (Maxi Mix)
04. Strangelove (Midi Mix)
05. Fpmip
06. Strangelove (Blind Mix)
07. Strangelove (Pain Mix)
08. Agent Orange

CD20 Never Let Me Down Agains (CDBONG 14X)
01. Never Let Me Down Again
02. Pleasure, Little Treasure
03. Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix)
04. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Glitter Mix)
05. Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)
06. Never Let Me Down Again (Tsangarides Mix)
07. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Join Mix)
08. To Have And To Hold (Spanish Taster)

CD21 Behind The Wheel (CDBONG 15X)
01. Behind The Wheel (Remix)
02. Route 66
03. Behind The Wheel (Shep Pettibone Remix)
04. Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix)
05. Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters Mix)
06. Route 66 (Casualty Mix)
07. Behind The Wheel (LP Mix)

CD22 Everything Counts Live (CDBONG 16X)
01. Everything Counts (Live)
02. Nothing (Live)
03. Sacred (Live)
04. A Question Of Lust (Live)
05. Everything Counts (Tim Simenon / Mark Saunders Remix)
06. Nothing (Justin Strauss Mix)
07. Strangelove (Tim Simenon / Mark Saunders Remix)
08. Everything Counts (Absolut Mix)
09. Everything Counts (Original 1983 Mix)
10. Nothing (US 7" Mix)
11. Everything Counts (Reprise)

CD23 Personal Jesus (CDBONG 17X)
01. Personal Jesus
02. Dangerous
03. Personal Jesus (Acoustic)
04. Dangerous (Hazchemix Edit)
05. Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach)
06. Dangerous (Sensual Mix)
07. Personal Jesus (Pump Mix)
08. Personal Jesus (Telephone Stomp Mix)
09. Dangerous (Hazchemix)

CD24 Enjoy The Silence (CDBONG 18X)
01. Enjoy The Silence (7" Version)
02. Memphisto
03. Enjoy The Silence (Hands And Feet Mix)
04. Enjoy The Silence (Ecstatic Dub)
05. Sibeling
06. Enjoy The Silence (Bass Line)
07. Enjoy The Silence (Harmonium)
08. Enjoy The Silence (Ricki Tik Tik Mix)
09. Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: Final Mix)

Depeche Mode
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